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Some selected RKL-videos. Great to see them play live!

01)   "Blocked Out" Live
02)   "Hangover" and "Drink Positive" Live
03)   Video of "Betrayed"
04)   "It's A Beautiful Feeling" Live
05)   "Tribute To The Jester" Live
06)   Live on september 25th 1988 full concert
07)   Live on march 18th 1988 full concert
08)   Live on april 5th 2002 full concert
09)   Live on february 8th1988 full concert
10)   Live 2004 full concert
11)   "Don`t take us" (Hammer-Track!)
12)   Thee R.K.aLiens live 2016 Nardcore-Benefit-Show of the band with Damien Franco on vocals
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01)   ZAP-august 1988 (Nr.3)
Interview from HC/Punk/Underground-Magazine "ZAP" from1988. (german language).

02)   Flipside-Spring 1989 (Nr.59)
Interview from FLIPSIDE-Magazine (english) in 1989.

03)   Flipside-Oct/Nov 1994 (Nr.92)
Interview from FLIPSIDE-Magazine (english) in 1994.

Interview from THRASHER-MAGAZINE (english) in 1994.

Interview with Jason Sears in the american THRASHER-MAGAZINE (english, year unknown).

06)   TRUST-ZINE 2004
Interview with Jason Sears in the german Hardcore-Magazine TRUST (german language, Jason talked to TRUST-employee Jan Röhlk just before a RKL-Gig in the "Velvet Jones"-club in Santa Barbara (USA) on march 5th 2004).

07)   Barry Ward-Interview
Interview with Barry Ward in the Hardcore-Magazin TRUST (german language, Barry talked to TRUST-employee Jan Röhlk). Mostly about Barrys Band "Crosstops", but also about RKL.

08)   Interview from 2010(?) with Chris Rest and Little Joe
From the OX-Fanzine (german language).

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01)   Obituary from Chris Rest
Chris Rest talks about the bandmembers (english).

02)   Obituary from Barry Ward
Barry Ward talks about the bandmembers (english).

03)   "RKL - they had music in their blood"
Memorial Special about RKL
Many information about RKL in the german TRUST-Fanzine.
For example words from Bomers mum and from Fat Mike from NOFX.
Myself (Chris) wrote the chapter "Das ist meine Religion ...". (german language).

04)   "RKL - like if Jimi Hendrix Covers Slayer"
The same Memorial Special in english (page 66-75), from the Razorcake Fanzine.

05)   RKL-Comic
RKL-Comic from the 1987 Rock'N'Roll Nitemare-Album.

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