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From Chris about Bomber

I met Bomer (Bomber) when I was 13 or 14 years old. My mother rented a house on the cliff at Summerland beach and she, my sister and I moved in. Bomer was good friends with Jericho, the owner's son, who lived in a trailer on the property. So Bomer pretty much came with the house. He was there 24/7. I had a drum kit in my bedroom and a guitar and amp. I had been playing drums for a couple years already. After 20 minutes, Bomer was already better than I was on the drums. He was like that with everything. He never studied in school and got all As. He was the same with guitar, bass, skating, surfing, etc. Although it was amazing, it was also kind of annoying. My family moved to Carpinteria and about 6 months later I ran into Bomer again. He had moved into an apartment half a block from me. We started playing together again and started making songs and decided we needed to form a band.

We formed RKL in 1981. Bomer soon started writing the majority of the music. He played so fast and tight that we were all forced to do the same. He was a perfectionist and expected the same from us. Through the years we went on many crazy tours and went through countless amazing experiences. There's no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be where I am today without his drive and talent rubbing off on me.

Everyone who met Bomer would tell you what an amazing character he was. He was hilarious. I'm sure anyone who knew him could tell you unbelievable stories about him. He was the center of attention where ever he was. His humor rubbed off on everyone and many of his hilarities have become part of people's everyday vocabulary (SUCKAGE!).

I could always tell when Bomer had been at my house because my guitar would have a broken string. Every time he played drums there would be a pile of sawdust at his feet. His sticks would look like they had been ravaged by a pack of rabid beavers! He always had billows of steam coming off of him after a set. It was ridiculous how fast and hard he would play live. It was nearly impossible to keep up. Sometimes I would have to look back in disbelief.

I believe he was one of the best (and most un-recognized) punk rock drummers of our generation. He was an awesome musician, artist and most of all, friend. I will miss him dearly.

I'm sure he is showing the angels how a harp was meant to be ROCKED!!!

Chris Rest

(Sometime, if can find the time, I have a huge box of old RKL videos, and cassettes of Bomber's demos and work in progress. Need to digitize that stuff for friends and fans.)

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