The bandmembers
List of all bandmembers (for pictures and info click the names):
*Jason Sears --- Vocals
*Chris Rest --- Guitar
*Chris Flippin --- Guitar
*Joe Raposo --- Bass
*Boz Rivera --- Drums
Bomer Manzullo --- Drums & Vocals
Vince Peppars --- Bass
Barry Ward --- Guitar
Dave Raun --- Drums
Derrick Plourde --- Drums
Alpo --- Guitar

(*last active line-up)

Jason Sears

Co-founder and front man/singer throughout at RKL. Charismatic, present on stage and never
sober. His tendency to (even hard) drug abuse was (according to his own statement) "to blame"
for the aborted careers as extreme-athlete and as "professional musician" in the music business.
Died in his sleep in January 2006 during a withdrawal attempt with a controversial drug of a
"blood clot in the lungs". R.I.P.!
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Chris Rest

Plays the guitar at LAGWAGON now.
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Chris Flippin

Also plays the guitar at LAGWAGON now.
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Joe Raposo

Without a doubt:
Best bass-player worldwide!!! Plays the bass at LAGWAGON now.
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Boz Rivera

Also played drums at THE OTHER and MAD CADDIES.
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Richard Anthony Manzullo (BOMER)

Full-blood-musician. With Jason driving force and head of the band.
Also founded the band THE OTHER. Won won a million jackpot together
with a friend and enjoyed the luxury. Composed a "rock opera", however,
died to soon of a heart attack (in December 2005). R.I.P.! Bandmate Chris
Rest about Bomer in the obituary:
"I'm sure he is showing the angels how a harp was meant to be ROCKED!!!"
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Vince Peppars

Played the bass from 1983 - 1986. Picture 1 from the 80ies - picture 2 from today
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Barry Ward

Also director of music-videos, for example for NOFX and german punk-pand TERRORGRUPPE.
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Dave Raun

Drummer for LAGWAGON now.
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Derrick Plourde

Committed suicide in 2005. R.I.P.!
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Was in the band at the beginning. No more info about Alpo to find.
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